BonnE Commercial Real Estate Services

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Partial List of Brokerage Services

Lease Analysis:

Tenants are frequently unaware of the complexities of comparing different properties. To complicate it further, landlords frequently use the same terms differently.

BonnE Commercial Real Estate Services will help you analyze individual properties so they can be directly and fairly compared to each other. Our market analysis and cost comparison analysis breaks down each building's total lease costs by operating expense, taxes, utilities, build-out costs and landlord profits. This breakdown can be done on each building monthly and yearly, and provide the total lease cost. Our service allows clients to easily and accurately compare buildings. The bottom line is you can see the real cost of each building alternative.


It takes time and effort to collect more information - and of a better quality - than the competition. We negotiate effectively because we do our homework. We negotiate knowing both tenants' costs and the motivation behind different landlords.

Coordinating the Move:

To assure your space is completed as contracted, we attend construction meetings during build-out, as well as during the final walk through. We also assist clients in coordinating movers, telephone installers and furniture vendors.

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